Sunday, December 26, 2010

new year's resolution

I've already decided on these things long ago, but no harm in writing them down and calling them "new year's resolutions," right?

1) Go organic

It's gonna be a little tough since I'm still living in the dorms, but I'm definitely going to force myself to take weekly trips to Trader Joe's/Whole Foods to escape the nightmare that is dorm food.

2) Bikini body.

Forget waiting til spring, I'm going to start now! 3 times a week at the gym, or even better, the pool. Rinse, lather, and repeat. Feel the burn.

3) Become a morning riser...willingly.

One of my favorite types of weather is fog, actually, so that alone should be worth waking up to. So far I'm not doing a very good job, typing this out at one in the morning, buuuuut, it's not 2011 yet.

4) More shoes. More dresses.

More looking fabulous! I got lazy this year and at one point went through a temporary t-shirts and jeans phase during the spring...not acceptable!

5) Move into an apartment

This is definitely going to happen if not now, but later in the year, hopefully at the start of summer. As much as I love the convenience of living on campus, not having to cook, clean, and pay rent, I'm not growing and learning how to be an adult in this environment. I'm turning 20 next month and sometimes I still feel like a sheltered child.
Plus, you're not allowed to paint the walls, light candles, or have pets. And the beds are too small.

6) Cut out caffeine

Upon moving to Seattle, it was a goal of mine to search far and wide for the perfect whole-in-the-wall coffee shop that wasn't Starbucks that I could call my new hangout spot. I'm still set on achieving this goal, only ordering in decaf this time ;)

7) Read more books

College definitely took away time for pleasure reading. Not okay.

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