Monday, July 16, 2012

what I wore 12

The sun has finally arrived in Seattle!

top: Hollister Co.
shorts: thrifted
cardigan: thrifted
sunglasses: Calvin Klein
shoes: Sears (lol)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

my latest obsession~

Wow, triple post today! You guys are lucky ;)

I've mentioned earrings like these before in this blog. However, I've been secretly building up a small collection of them since late last year. They're so much fun! They're very unique and I get tons of compliments on them everywhere I go ^^

And I'm still expanding my collection! I've recently ordered two more, coming from Indonesia. So I'm probably going to have to wait about 1-2 months before they get here XD but it's worth the wait! I get these all from etsy, from various sellers:

Leginayba (SALE OMG)

what I wore 11

I wasn't going to do another one of these tonight, but I did anyway ^^ 
This poncho was pretty much the best thing I bought in Peru. It's so cute! And it surprisingly does a really good job at keeping me warm, especially through those nights when we were in hotels with no heater ;_; The best part is, when you sit down, it drapes over your knees, so it looks like you have a blanket on :D 

poncho: purchased in Peru
shorts: DEB
boots: Vince Camuto outlet store
hoodie underneath: Gilly Hicks

what I wore 1o

It's been a while since I've done one of these!

I'd love to bring back my old goth girl style to my wardrobe. But I've got to figure out how to do that without looking like a fifteen year old. @_@

blouse: Dorothy Perkins
vest: Mirror Guangzhou
shorts: thrifted
boots: Vince Camuto outlet store
eyeshadow: Fyrinnae Cosmetics in Velvet Vampire