Sunday, December 26, 2010

down undies

I admit, when I first heard about Gilly Hicks oh so long ago, I had my doubts. Any store that is the spawn of the Abercrombie and Fitch empire has got to consist of overpriced and cheaply made products that you can't even see because the store is so damn dark, right?

However, against my better judgment, the other day I ventured into the store to take a look inside, fully acknowledging that I may or may not make it out alive. My little adventure was at first disorienting, since I had a little trouble finding the actual products (if you've ever been into a Hollister store, it's pretty much the same), but after a bit I managed to figure out the layout of the store and on the way, stole a glance at the giant photos of naked men hanging on the walls. Tasteless, I know, but whatever, sex sells.  The entire store is currently 40% off, so I decided to take advantage of the 5 for $25 panty deal (that was now $15), and thus I picked out my selection, paid for them at the register, then left.

It wasn't until I returned home, washed them, and put them on, did I realize how magical these things are.

Never. Again. Am. I. Going. Back. To. Cotton. Panties. Ever. Again. Oh. My. God. These. Things. Are. So. Damn. Soft.

A perfect blend of polyester and elastane makes a heavenly combination that my derrière has never experienced.
Available in multiple colors and prints

I must say, I'm usually very picky when it comes to panties, especially thongs, but these left me quite impressed. Abercrombie or not, I'm going back for more. Dammit. 

And no, I can never have enough panties in my life. Did you just meet me yesterday?

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