Thursday, October 28, 2010

"I'm just a jeans and t-shirts kinda guy"

Ladies, pictures this. You see a strapping young man walking down the streets, and he immediately catches your eye. He's got the walk, the talk, the sex appeal, the cute looks, the everything. As your eyes wander unrestrained at the fine specimen before you, you notice his attire. It's a rainy day, and he's clad in a pair of recently polished loafers, and some neatly fitted jeans tied down with a belt. On top he's wearing a clean-cut wool peacoat. Gray with brass buttons. Looks expensive. Must be Armani. Wrapped loosely around his neck is a thin scarf, cream-colored, to compliment his coat. His hair is a light brown, tousled to look as if he had just woken up. However, the cut suits well with his strong jawline, so it's okay. He looks at you with a sly look in his eyes. You smile coyly in return, instigating an intense session of eye sex which lasts for a fleeting few seconds. As you both part ways, you giggle quietly in an attempt to regain composure. This man, this handsome stranger, is the embodiment of the perfect man, the epitome of masculinity, right?

Well, in America, some people would think that this guy is gay.

Isn't that appalling? You'd see these kind of men left and right if you were in Europe, and over there, their sexuality is not questioned when judging upon their manner of dress. In America, however, it's different. The majority of men here are "jeans and t-shirts" kind of guys, and frankly I'm sick of it. I've had more than one of my male friends tell me how other members of their own gender will question their sexuality because of the way they dress. These guys don't even dress flamboyantly! To me, a white button down shirt, peacoat, and dress shoes cannot be considered even close to being "gay." If a guy in America wanted to surpass the societal norm of basketball shorts, extra-large t-shirts and baggy jeans, people start to ask questions. Not in my book!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only woman out there who not only appreciates, but is attracted to, men who actually make an attempt to dress nicely. It shows that he is body conscious, confident, creative, and isn't afraid of being attractive. He isn't afraid of getting attention from members of both genders, and he doesn't give a damn what you think of him! When you dress good, you feel good. Having that right outfit gives you a huge confidence boost which radiates off of you and remains for the entire day. Haven't you felt absolutely horrendous when you went to class wearing the same clothing that you had worn to bed last night?

Yes, in the long run, it is personality which will keep a woman in love with you, but how are you going to prompt that initial attraction when you blend in with every other male in that crowded bar? How are you going to entice a woman's attention and curiosity when you look like everyone else, plain and unoriginal? A guy wearing basketball shorts and a white t-shirt says, "yeah, I'm a pretty cool guy once you get to know me," but a gentleman wearing a fitted blazer and dress shoes says, "I'm going to be the best damn thing that will ever happen to you." Ladies, which of the above would you rather have approach you?

After reading this article, I can agree. American men are too preoccupied with demonstrating their masculinity. They stay well within the boundaries of societal norm to make sure that not an ounce of "homosexuality" gets out. Unfortunately, this results in an increasingly casual culture that lacks in originality and sex appeal. I'm sorry, fellas, but wearing shirts that are several sizes too big is not attractive and will not draw my attention to you in any way. Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary? Or does the very thought of that scare you? Which would you rather be, guy A or guy B? The guy who blends in with the crowd, or the one that stands out? The guy who everyone can relate to, or the man who can sweep a woman off her feet without even touching her?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've got a secret

I confess. I have a borderline obsession for lingerie. Not just in general, but for the kinds that you impulsively buy and never use because it's too sexy for everyday wear, and you just end up keeping it in your drawers for God knows how long. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll use it a couple times for a date or two. But honestly, I can't get enough of it! Who can? What woman can resist the allure, the seduction, that assaults her visuals when she walks by a Victoria's Secret store? How can anyone fight the plethora of lace and frills that "inspires a thousand fantasies?"

I didn't start bra shopping on my own until I was about 15 years old. Back then, I thought you had to be a certain type of woman to be able to grace the lingerie stores. The kind who constantly had men eating out of the palm of their hands and knew every trick in the book on the art of attraction. My first visit to Victoria's Secret was rather intimidating, because to me, underwear stores were equated to sex shops such as Lover's Package (yeah, I know...). I remember my very first purchase being some lotion, because I was overwhelmed with the entire store in general. Mind, you, I had a very sheltered childhood and back then, never had a boyfriend. Can you blame me for being absolutely terrified?

I couldn't muster up the courage to go and buy an actual bra until a few visits later. It was something very basic, no lace, push-up, in black. However, that little black bra triggered something in me; suddenly, I wanted more. I wanted lace. I wanted frills. I wanted sexy. I would save up whatever money I had to buy more--push-up, demi, balconette, strapless, you name it! I wanted all of it! I then broadened my horizons by looking in the panty section, taking advantage of those 3 for $30 deals to their full extent. I remembered how mother would always scold me when I returned home from shopping carrying one of those iconic, bright pink VS shopping bags, but honestly, I was damn happy with myself. Whenever I walked into that store, picked out something I liked, then bought it, I felt like a woman. A sexy woman. An enchantress, if you may.

Along with basic bra and undies, I think every woman should have something sexy in their lingerie drawer. It doesn't matter whether you have a significant other or are sexually active, just having a risqué little number hiding underneath your jeans and t-shirt just makes life a little more fun, you know? You've got a secret that you're hiding from the world, and no one gets to know what it is!

By the way, check out this sexy little thing. Isn't it beautiful? They've even got an entire set of this theme!