Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've decided, that after I quit Gilly Hicks (I'm not seriously planning to anytime soon, but let's face it, I'm not staying here forever), and find another really cool/chill job, I'm going to dye my hair some crazy color. Not completely, but just some highlights, maybe on my bangs or something.

I mean, I'm all for embracing your natural beauty, which is the kind of look that Abercrombie and Fitch looks for in their employees. But honestly, this looks like way too much fun.

My personal style can get pretty flamboyant at times. I like wearing out-there, attention-grabbing outfits. I love turning heads. You may call me an attention whore in that aspect, and you'd probably be right. At Sakura-con, I saw many people with crazy colors in their hair, and honestly, I was extremely envious. Right now, my hair is nothing praise-worthy. I'm in the process of growing it out, and volume-wise it's pretty pathetic. It kinda just does...nothing. It's never been the most interesting part of my look. I kinda want to change that. I mean, I'm still an undergrad, so I'm not really looking into trying to get an uber-serious, professional job anytime soon. You're only young once, right?

I'm particularly leaning towards a lavender, lilac-y color for highlights. I don't have nearly enough purple in my wardrobe. And I'm kind of obsessed with pastels right now.

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And just a disclaimer, in case anyone accidentally misinterprets this post. In no way am I insecure about my looks. I know that I am good looking, and I know that I do not need to go to extremities with my hair/makeup/clothing to look good. I merely dress the way I do because it's fun, simple as that. C:

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