Thursday, February 9, 2012

first haul post!

So, with Chinese New Year, holiday paychecks and my birthday being recently, I decided to spoil myself...a lot. And post pictures of said spoils online. Why the hell not? I should be studying right now.

Also, my attempts to make pretty little vintage like pictures on Photoshop have gone horribly awry. I apologize in advance. In general, please assume brighter, bolder colors than depicted in the photos.

By the way, this is a collective haul. Meaning, that these were not all bought at once, but one by one over a span of about a month...XD

First little :)

So remember when I said that I loooved wingtip shoes? I wasn't kidding. Bought these little babies from forever21 for just 25 bucks. But I found the shoelaces to be quite boring, so I picked up another cuter, lacy pair from american apparel. The shoes themselves are pretty comfortable, but I doubt they're going to last very long, considering they're from f21.  

But of course, my wingtip obsession didn't end just there, I just had to go and buy these:

I got these on a website called The original price was about 18 bucks, but I coincidentally logged on during a 30% off sale, knocking my price down to about $14. Yes!!! The quality is actually better than what I had expected for the price. It's obviously not real leather, but I'm confident that these will last a decent amount of time. My only gripe is that the shoelaces look absolutely decrepit...guess I'm going to have to stop by AA again. 

Next items are not clothing, but some body butter.

The Body Shop was having a sale, where full sized body butters were marked down from $18 each to just $12. They were offering free shipping at the same time as well. Because I'm too much of a lazy ass to make the long and arduous 10 minute drive down to the nearest TBS. But whatever. These smell amazing! The passion fruit is soo sweet, yet the scent is not obnoxiously strong at all. It definitely makes me dream of summertime. The other one, Moroccan Rose, smells like actual roses! It's a very romantic scent indeed. The smell is stronger than the passion fruit, but the texture is a bit thinner. They both arrived in this cute little box :) 

Next, a little top from my work.

I love this little thing. My managers get to wear these as part of their uniform, and I'm incredibly jealous. (Yes, at my work, managers wear tube It's so sweet and feminine! And it's incredibly flattering too. It cinches at your waist, giving less-than-curvy girls like myself some shape. And I love the ridiculous bow lol, so cute. For a tube top, this actually stays up quite well. It was 30% off the full price with my employee discount. 

Next...some necklaces :)

Both from forever21. $4.80 each. The chains are suuuper long, just how I like them :) Right now I'm obsessed with anything lacy, pretty and ornate, if you haven't guessed already, so I just had to have them. I especially love the bottle X)

Of all places, I got this cute little skirt from abercrombie and fitch (you can juuuust see the obnoxious blue moose on the bottom right corner). I wandered into the store one day, and I saw this just sitting there, clear as day, in the midst of the chaos that is the clearance table. Exactly my size, and only 25 bucks. (original price was...$58?!?!) So of course I snatched it up immediately. I really like it, but the only problem is that it's kind of short >.< so either I have to pull it down really low, like onto my hips, or wear tights/spandex shorts underneath. Definitely not a go-commando-in-the-summertime kind of skirt. Did I just say that out loud? 

This dress is also from work. The sales girls, aka, "models," get to wear it as their uniform, which is totally and completely unfair, because they get them for free. And wear them to work, and be pretty in them. I personally decided to say fuckitall and pick one up for myself. Of course, I wanted them in every color they had, but I just settled with blue, because it is my favorite color :) 

It's actually not a solid blue, but instead has a very subtle stripe pattern. Which I think is adorable. I feel like this dress is very versatile; you can wear it for multiple seasons and occasions. Can't wait to start wearing it around on nice sunny days :) The bow is incredibly hard to tie though, because it's actually blue striped on one side. You have to tie it so that only the white shows, otherwise it just looks sloppy. Also 30% off.

This next purchase was a complete impulse buy. I saw this Coach bag at a used clothing shop and quickly picked it up, for only $16.50. This is actually the first Coach product I've ever owned! I never was really drawn to the brand, but I thought this was really cute so I made an exception this time. It's quite tiny though, it's one of those bags that you can only wear on your forearm...we'll see how long it takes for that to become annoying. 

(Also, I've been doing my research, and I'm pretty sure that this is a legit Coach bag. The leather feels soft and authentic, the stitching is very even, and it has the Coach creed sewn onto the interior, as well as the YKK engraving on the inside zipper. I might take it in to a shop to double check the serial number though.)

Not pictured:

This dress from Modcloth. It just arrived in the mail today, and I am ecstatic! It's very light and airy, so I'm definitely looking forward to wearing it during the summer time. It is a little see-through, but that can easily be remedied by a slip or nude underwear. It looks a little like a nightgown, but honestly, that doesn't bother me in the least bit XD I was a bit nervous buying this, since it was my first Modcloth purchase ever, but everything fit, the quality was good, so overall I'm very happy with this :) 

I am also a bit obsessed with dresses at the moment...XD 


I also got these cute little socks from socktheory, which is also my first purchase from them. Since I'm running on about 5 hours of sleep at the moment, it took me a while to figure out how to put them on so that they're presentable...X) These look phenomenal with my maryjane heels, and even better with my combat boots! I'm also going to try them out with the wingtips mentioned above. I got them in both black and white. 

I might have to go after the longer version next... >:) 

That's it for now. Expect a new haul post sometime next week, when all the makeup that I ordered comes in. Don't worry, it won't be anywhere near this long, I promise X) 

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