Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How-to: Mascara for Asian eyelashes

So, if you're like me, you're Asian. And if you're Asian, you have ridiculously short eyelashes that are invisible to the naked eye. Furthermore, the grow downward instead of up, like they're supposed to. If you're also like me, you also don't want to resort to wearing fake eyelashes, because they're itchy, evil, and look garishly unnatural.

At my work, I'm not allowed to wear any makeup except for mascara, so I had to find some sort of solution to my dumb eyelash problem. Obviously, us Asians just can't just resort to sticking on some random cheap mascara in 10 seconds and be on our merry way. No. For us, we've gotta work. We've gotta strategize. And after lots of research and experimentation, I've finally figured out how.

What you'll need
Eyelash curler
Waterproof mascara
A blowdryer (optional) Yes, a blowdryer.

First of all, invest in a good eyelash curler. Make sure that it's one that can really grip each and every one of your lashes. My suggestion is to go to your nearest Sephora and ask a sales associate (preferably one that is Asian :) ).

Secondly, be sure to use a good waterproof mascara. I'm very specific on waterproof. Waterproof, while not too good for your eyelashes, are best in helping them stay up. I've experimented with different brands, and I've had most success with Maybelline's Falsies Volum' Express and Covergirl LashBlast.

The Falsies definitely gave me length, but not so much with volume like they claim they do. When applying, my lashes end up looking like...spider legs. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but it isn't as gross as it sounds XD It doesn't clump, but it definitely makes your eyelashes look like falsies, except less extreme. If you're looking for length, definitely get this. It cost me about $7.50 and can be found at most drugstores.

CG LashBlast definitely provides more volume, and less drama. From my personal experience, my lashes weren't as long as they were with the Falsies, but it was also a more natural look (instead of...spider legs. XD) It definitely doesn't clump, and cost about $9 at most drugstores. 

These are just my personal picks, feel free to explore different brands! There are plenty of reviews online, especially on YouTube. The Asian eyelash pandemic is common enough that you'll have plenty of resources to pick from! 

Now, onto business. First of all, you want to curl your lashes. But before you do that (this is optional, but it definitely helps), heat up your eyelash curler with the blow dryer. Make sure it's not too hot! Just set it to the lowest heat and blast at it for about 10-15 secs. Wait for it to cool down if necessary. It'll be like a mini curling iron! (duh....) 

Start curling your lashes. If you don't have a monolid like me (I have Asian eyelashes, not Asian eyes :) ), the best way to get a good grip of the hairs is to tilt the curler outward, by resting the top of the curler into the your eyelid crease. Try to get as near to the roots as possible, but be careful not to pinch any skin. Clamp down on the lashes, and give them a tight squeeze. Also pay attention to the lashes on the outer edge of your eyes. 

Next, apply whatever mascara you've decided to choose. Tilt your chin upwards, and start applying the brush starting near the roots. Work your way up the top of the lashes, wriggling the brush side by side as you go. Apply several coats, and wait to dry. Another extra thing that I like to do is to wait until the mascara is almost dry, then use my finger to push the eyelashes up even more. That will definitely help them stay up. You could also try using the curler as well at this point. Apply a coat on the lower lashes if you wish, but otherwise you are done :) hope this helps! 

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