Tuesday, March 15, 2011

black sesame ice cream

Yes, it looks like a lump of coal, but my god this stuff is delicious.

And as of now, it has been my latest craving.

Sweet yet nutty, the perfect ice cream combination. The most satisfying treat for a warm day. I first tried it during a trip to Hong Kong a couple years ago, and ever since then I've loved it.

I've also had it in froyo and bubble tea form, they're all amazing. As a kid, I practically grew up on black sesame soup, which, I know, looks disgusting, but it's actually quite nice. It's also relatively healthier considering other desserts that are out there. God, I could totally go for some of this stuff right now.

But where on earth can I go about obtaining this delicious frozen treat? Perhaps a trip to Uwajimaya will be needed in the near future...

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